How to get to Tihany at Lake Balaton

Flying to Budapest International Airport

The international airport Budapest Ferihegy, is not too large and generally pretty user friendly. From the airport, the best thing is to take a Minicab (actually a minibus). These charge a fixed fare between any two addresses in greater Budapest. You want to go to Déli Station, which should take about half an hour. There are reasonably frequent trains ( from Budapest Déli to Balatonfüred at fares which are simply cheap (about 8- EUR). Journey times vary but three hours is a good average. If you are exhausted at this point, Hungarian taxis are cheap, otherwise the bus station in Balatonfüred is a few yards from the railway station and there are regular buses to Tihany at even cheaper fares! The bus stops right in front of the holiday resort "Club Tihany", where the water sport base is situated in. You can also be picked up by Mr. András Toth (ANETT TOURIST) in one of his fine air-conditioned minibuses. If you want, you can combine your transfer with a guided sightseeing tour.

Flying to Balaton Airport Sármellék

The former Soviet military airport (1960 - 1990) is located west of Lake Balaton near the village of Sármellék, also known as FlyBalaton airport. It has operated for public flights since 1991 and became the second international airport of the country. There is no public train running from Sármellék, bus a bus or shuttle bus is linking the airport to the nearest railway station (at Keszthely, 12Km away) and to local towns. The easiest way to get to the charter base is to rent a car or take a shuttle taxi. The company balatonairporttransfer provides good service for a good price. If you are traveling in a small group, You can also get a quote from ANETT TOURIST stationed in Balatonfüred.