Windsurfing instructor on the Maldives!

Looking for a job as a surf instructor in paradise?

We offer you a job as a windsurfing instructor at the Maldives or at Lake Balaton in Hungary. If you are already a certified instructor with an international association (VöYWS, VDWS, VöWS) we send you straight to work at the Maldives. You can also work with us at our water sport base at Lake Balaton in Tihany.

If you aren't an instructor yet - we make you one. Do a 3-4 month internship and learn everything you kneed to know for your job at the Maldives.
Qualifications for a job in paradise: You need to speak at least 3 languages, enough time and we teach you the rest.
If you know how to scuba dive, water ski, kite surf or ride a jet ski already it will help a lot to get the job.

If you are interested to live in paradise - Contact us!