Sailing course

Classes and lessons at the school at Lake Balaton in Hungary

Depending on the level of competence, the training for the sailing license should involve between 12-15 training hours in theory and practice. The course duration allows for the aims of the course to be achieved, so that the trainees should be capable of comfortably sailing in 10 knots of wind including departing and returning safely to the shore as required.

Practical Training:
Setting an recovering of sails, knots, leaving and returning to the shore, holding a waiting position, controlling the speed, stopping by sharply luffing up and going head to wind. Sailing on different points of wind with the correct sail setting. Beating to windward min 300m with at least two tacks and two gybes, capsize and re-right boat.

Theoretical Training:
Boating materials. General rules and regulation. Sailing theory. Safety. Nature and environment. Knots and their uses.

Duration: Monday to Friday 3 hours daily, mornings or afternoons